That Bizz - Gamophobia (Mixtape)

Hello guys, here I am once again, but this time I wanna introduce to you my big hommie That Bizz, who's a mozambican R&B artist recording and also a producer.

He's coming with his "Gamophobia" mixtape following to his latest project "Always" EP. According to him this mixtape relates "the intense fear of being in a serious relationship or getting married".

So guys, support our local music here is the Gamophobia.

Siddy Mitzvah - Tell The Truth (Album)

Siddy Mitzvah - No Problems Verse

Chriis FonTana - BadPast (CP) 2017

My Noise DUDE Chriis FonTana surprised me with a new compilation titled BadPast! LOL, can't believe he recorded this at dawn. 
The niqqa just called me today in the morning saying he got good news for me and I was like "what the hell has he done now?" And for my surprise, I just found out he got a f*ckn CP! 

LOL, hell yeah, it sounding like a competition between us, I mean, I unleashed a CP yesterday, and today I'm here posting his CP, shit is crazy!
Anyway, enjoy this thing, we making music outchea! 

Check the tracklist:

Siddy Mitzvah - eXtra (CP) 2017


Guys, I got something new over here... It's just a compilation of 4 without writing thing freestyles I did at FonTana's room.

Here, you find myself free, going limitless and talking anything and rapping and singing just to test the skills.


Check out the tracklist:

Chriis FonTana unleashes his album InMyFace


The highly antecipated album, InMyFace by Chriis FonTana is finally available. The rapper took more than a year to set the things right and bring a solid work to his main supporters and fans. 
Full of emotions and contagious vibes, InMyface is one of those albuns you listen to and find yourself in an inner peace. You're able to relax, to have fun, to dance and jump to every single song on it. 

It's coming straight from Mozambique, in Machava neighboorhood, tho he chose to go in english in every songs, and he produced all the tracks by himself, except the last one. This album features myself and OB. FonTana listed TYPEGUY as a Executive producer of the album and Vidro Rasgado as a Marketing Director. 

Its important to say that, these dudes are also moving independent for now!
However, the album is available for free download to those who cant buy it on CD Baby. 


Siddy Mitzvah - Your Life Is Mine (Feat. Chriis FonTana)

Here is my brand new song.
YOUR LIFE IS MINE is trapsoul song featuring Chriis FonTana, we recorded this song a couple of weeks ago trying to portrait a life of a boy and girl who feel in love back in days, but then they suddenly split. 
So the boy is trying to get her girl back, but he's afraid coz she's obsessed with the money now.
BUT HE BELIEVES THAT HER LIFE IS HIS, plus he got bigger dreams now.