Siddy Mitzvah - The Sin City (Ft. Chriis FonTana)

It's 2018 and I decided to unleash my very first song this year. The Sin City is a pop song I recorded and it features Chriis FonTana, in a production by Dáryo Araújo. 
Follow the links below and enjoy!

Siddy Mitzvah introducing a new upcoming song

Everytime I got to visit my dude Dáryo, this is what happens! He shows me a bunch of new beats and I'd end up wanting to record all of them!

Chriis FonTana - Open My Soul (EP)

And this is how the year begins for The Noiise DUDES crew. We all have been engaged into the team work this year along and it all started with this beautiful and touching EP by Chriis FonTana which is titled Open My Soul.

I am so grateful and glad that I had a chance to be apart of the working process of this masterpiece. As always he does, he doesn't collaborate with no one although he had his team in the back for every essential details.
And I can as well say that there's so much evolution in what concerns the writing and producing. The whole work is so amazing, I dare you to download this EP thru the link below:


A Courtesy of The Noiise DUDES

Chriis FonTana - Get Me High (2k18)

Hello people... Here we are once again, it's 2018 and all i can say is this is about to be a hella of year musically.
This is how everything begins right now, my dude Chriis FonTana is releasing a hit single today.
The song is called "Get Me High" and has been produced by himself!!!!
Anyway, no more bla bla blas, check the links below and take your listens!

Siddy Mitzvah - New Year's Resolution (EP) 2017

Hello guys, here is my New Year's Resolution (EP) and it features OB, TYPEGUY and Chriis FonTana. Produced by Dáryo Araújo, Chriis FonTana and myself.

I wanna thank Vidro Rasgado, MORELIT and Sheezy for the support in this EP.

With no further do, here is:



That Bizz - Gamophobia (Mixtape)

Hello guys, here I am once again, but this time I wanna introduce to you my big hommie That Bizz, who's a mozambican R&B artist recording and also a producer.

He's coming with his "Gamophobia" mixtape following to his latest project "Always" EP. According to him this mixtape relates "the intense fear of being in a serious relationship or getting married".

So guys, support our local music here is the Gamophobia.

Siddy Mitzvah - Tell The Truth (Album)